Chess Sets with Black & Ash Burl Chess Board

This collection of elegant chess sets combine our high quality Staunton chessmen in either genuine ebony or ebonized boxwood matched with our Black and Ash Burl High Gloss Deluxe Burl Chess Board. You will find a wide selection of models, sizes, and prices ranging from our affordable German Knight Staunton in ebonized boxwood to our heirloom treasure, the Wellington. The pure black and natural boxwood chessmen look stunning reflecting off the glass-like backdrop of the black and gold colors of the chess board. It's easy to see why this is one of our most popular collections. Below you will find our entire collection or you can view ebony and ebonized packages separately to narrow down your shopping options. parker-burnt-boxwood-chess-set-black-ash-burl-board-boxwood-view-620.jpg


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