Carry-All Wood Chess Sets

Our Carry-All Wood Chess Sets include a set of our Staunton wood chessmen with extra queens, roll-up style chess board, and our Large Carry-All chess bag. Wood chess sets continue to be the most popular type of chess set used for playing chess. The intrinsic beauty of handcrafted wooden chessmen cannot be beat so why not play with wood instead of plastic? Our wood pieces are handcrafted for us in the Amritsar region in India where the art of turning and carving chessmen has been handed down for generations. The chess bag is made from a heavy canvas material that will withstand the rigors of frequent use and travel. The chess board is made from a soft, pliable vinyl with a cloth backing and has alphanumeric notation on the sides. These chess sets are the perfect choice for taking to your club, school, tournament or just the casual game at home.

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