Antique Reproduction Chess Sets

This is our collection of antique reproduction chess sets that include a set of high quality wood pieces matched with the perfect chess board. These unique chess sets are replicas of old chess set designs originating from Europe and Russia dating back as early as the 1700's. Many of these sets predate the first Staunton design and feature highly ornate turning and decorative carving. The antique Russian sets are relatively new designs and have Staunton-like features but with their own unique design elements. Our antique reproduction chess pieces are made in the Amritsar region in India where the art of hand crafting chessmen has been handed down for generations over centuries. Our hand crafted wood chess boards come from Italy, Spain, China, and here in the USA.  We have matched our antique reproduction chess pieces with the best looking chess board. These unique and interesting chess sets will add a new level of enjoy and satisfaction to every game you play, win or lose.

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