Metal Chess Sets with Boards

Metal chess sets are elegant and flashy with the shiny metal pieces reflecting off the backdrop of the chess board. Our metal chess sets come from the two most prestigious chess companies in Europe, Italfama in Italy and Manopoulos in Greece. We have both traditional Staunton-like chess sets with a wide range of designs and metal finishes and theme chess sets depicting many different themes and characters. When it comes to the metal pieces, there are two types to consider; solid brass pieces which are turned from solid brass and cast metal pieces made from zinc using the lost wax casting process. Solid brass pieces are generally much more expensive. The cast zinc pieces are plated with a variety of metals with brass and nickel being the most popular combination. If you’re looking for a beautiful chess set to display in your home that can still be used for a practical game of chess, these sets are an excellent choice.

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