Small Camelot Theme Metal Chess Set with Leatherette Chess Board & Tray


Brand: Italfama

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This elegant little chess set includes Italfama's small Camelot theme pieces matched with their Leatherette Chess Board and Tray. This theme chess set depicts the court of legendary King Arthur and the castle of Camelot. The pieces are wonderfully designed with intricate features and fine detail. The size of this set makes it perfect for analysis, travel, or where you simply don’t have room for larger set. The king is 2.4” tall and has a base of .75”. Pieces are solid made from solid zinc using the age-old lost wax casting process and then brass and nickel plated.

This beautiful leatherette chess board and tray is perfect for this chess set and you can store the pieces inside when you are not playing. Both the board and tray have faux stamped leather designs that adds a decorative touch and the board has a faux leather ribbing stitched around the edge. The chess board turns into a backgammon board when you flip it over and a set of plastic backgammon checkers are included. The tray has 32 felt lined compartments for holding the chess pieces and compartments for holding the checkers. This elegant little chess set is perfect for the bookcase, desk, coffee table or you can even use it for a fancy little travel set.

Chess Pieces:

  • King Height: 2.4"
  • King Base: 1" 
  • Material: Brass & Nickel Plated Cast Zinc
  • Chess Set Weight: 3 lbs.
  • Felt Paper Pads
  • Made in Italy

Chess Board & Tray:

  • Overall Dimensions: 14" x 14" x 1.4" (with board on top)
  • Board Dimension: 13" x 13" x .25"
  • Square Size: 1.3"
  • Backgammon board on one side
  • Material: Leatherette over Fiberboard
  • 32 Compartments for Holding Chess Pieces
  • 2 Compartments with Plastic Checkers
  • Made in Italy