Small Medieval Theme Metal Chess Set with Elm Burl Chess Board


Brand: Italfama

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From our Bookshelf collection, this interesting little package includes Italfama's Small Medieval Chess Set matched with their Elm Root and Erable chess board. The chess pieces are brass and nickel plated and made of solid zinc using the lost-wax casting process. The pieces represent the common historical figures from the medieval period. The board is only about 12" square making it a great choice for the bookshelf, coffee table, or anywhere you want to add a little flare to your décor. And of course, you can play a game of chess with it too!

Chess Pieces:

  • King Height: 2.375"
  • King Base: .875" 
  • Material: Brass & Nickel Plated Cast Zinc
  • Chess Set Weight: 3 lbs.
  • Felt Pads

Chess Board:

  • Material: Elm Root & Erable Veneer and Wood Material
  • Satin Polyurethane
  • Square Size: 1.125"
  • Overall Dimensions: 11.75" x 11.75" x .625"
  • Made in Italy