Themed Chess Sets

Themed chess sets are unique, interesting, and fun and excellent way to fight it out on the chess board. Themed chess pieces are usually made from two materials; crushed stone also called polystone, and cast metal which is usually zinc but sometimes pewter. Polystone themed pieces are usually less expensive than metal theme pieces but often have more intricate detail and are hand painted in realistic colors. Our metal themed chess sets come from the two most prestigious chess companies in Europe, Italfama in Italy and Manopoulos in Greece. Our polystone themed pieces come from companies in China that specialize in intricate sculpture and finely detailed painting. Battles and wars are the most popular themes but you will find a wide range of themes depicting kingdoms, civilizations, and famous periods during world history. Other fun themes include fictional stories and characters from the past such as Robin Hood and King Arthur. If you are looking for a something unique and different, a themed chess set is an excellent way to combine chess and that special interest.