Red & Erable Molded Edge High Gloss Chess Board - 2.75" Squares

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Brand: Rechapados Ferrer

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This gorgeous chess board is the largest chess board in our collection with 2.75" squares. This is an inlaid chess board made with red and erable (whitened Bird's-Eye Maple) veneer and has a black molded edge. You will love the way the wood grain shows through the red stain so you don't loose the wood effect! We added black delimiter inlay around the playing area along with an extra wide frame. The high gloss polyurethane finish further enhances the color and beauty of the chess board by creating a glass-like appearance. The result is a spectacular chess board exclusively available through The Chess Store.

  • Material: Red Stained Wood & Erable Veneer & Wood Materials
  • Finish: High Gloss Polyurethane (glass-like finish)
  • Square Size: 2.75" (actual 70 mm)
  • Dimensions: 27.5" x 27.5" x .75"
  • Imported from Spain, Rechapados Ferrer is the largest manufacturer and the most recognized name of high quality wood chess boards in the world.