Northern Upright Antique Reproduction Chess Pieces

This is our collection of the Northern Upright antique reproduction chess sets. The Northern Upright was produced in the mid 19th century in a variety of different styles. We believe this is the most elegant and attractive of the various designs. The Northern Upright prominently features large, straight columns on all of its pieces, thus the likely origin of its name. The king has an urn shaped head while the queen has a perfectly round shaped head, both with small pointed finials. The knights are carved with intricate detail and the bishop has a large, gaping miter that is uniquely attractive. This beautiful recreation is available in genuine ebony/boxwood and padauk/boxwood combinations though the original sets were most often made in ivory, which of course is no longer an option. This chess set makes a beautiful display and will impress any chess connoisseur with its unique and beautiful design and quality of the craftsmanship.