Miami Skyline Vinyl Printed Chess Board - 2.25" Squares

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Brand: BrioBoards

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From BrioBoards and The Chess Store comes Miami Skyline vinyl printed chess board. This colorful and creative chess board features turquoise and gray wood grain squares with a turquoise frame and the silhouette of the Miami skyline on the side. Just to make sure you know it’s the Miami skyline, it’s noted such in big black letters on each side of the board. This board has 2.25" squares and measures 22" overall. This revolutionary chess board is made from a polyester material that is amazingly durable and will lay much flatter than the typical vinyl rollup board. The photographic quality of the vinyl printing provides for vivid colors and realistic images with fine detail you have never seen before on a chess board. The process is truly revolutionary. If you’re from Miami, live in Miami, or simply like Miami, we made this board for you.

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