Lower Italfama Prices, Thanks to the Strong Dollar!

Posted by Jeff Myers on 11th Jan 2017

There has never been a better time to invest in a high quality metal chess set from one of our favorite suppliers, Italfama. For many years we have had to significantly increase prices on Italfama products and in fact, all products we import from Europe, due the strong value of the Euro. But as the dollar has become much stronger against other world currencies including the Euro, we are able to purchase products much less expensively from Europe or specifically Italy in this instance. This allows us to pass on much lower prices to our customers.

Italfama chess sets, boards, tables, and other chess products manufactured in Italy are very expensive on their own accord because of the materials and workmanship that goes into making them. Shipping from Italy is also very expensive because we only ship by air to avoid the possibility of undesirable humidity in a container traveling over the ocean. All of this adds to the high costs of our Italfama products. But the single biggest cost factor the past 8 years has been the value of the Euro

So now is the time to take advantage of lower prices and buy that beautiful Italfama chess set that you have always wanted!