British Staunton Chess Set Ebony & Boxwood Pieces with Deluxe Walnut & Maple Board - 4" King

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This chess set package includes our British Staunton Chess Set in genuine Ebony Boxwood and Boxwood matched with our Deluxe Walnut and Maple Chess Board. The polished black pieces create a nice sharp contrast against the walnut and maple chess board which many players prefer. Our British Staunton is modeled after an old British Chess Company chess set from many years ago. It's purely traditional with all the features a player and collector looks for in a high quality Staunton chess set. The pieces have an elegant profile that is carefully turned to perfection on every piece and the ebonized boxwood and boxwood are hand polished to a rich sheen.

The rich brown color of the walnut and maple chess board make a wonderful backdrop against the obsidian black ebony and cream-colored boxwood pieces. Made for us by Rechapados Ferrer, this is an inlaid chess board made from the finest walnut and maple veneer and sealed with a semi-gloss polyurethane finish to protect the wood. The precision of the inlay work is remarkable. The chess board has 2.125" squares accentuated by elegant triple inlay delimiter and surrounded by an extra wide frame. The overall size of the board is 21.5" and is .5" thick. Whether a collector or you are looking for one special chess set to display in your home, the British Staunton will enhance every game you play.

Chess Pieces:

  • Ebony & Boxwood
  • Pieces individually hand polished with solid lacquer and buffing wheel
  • King Height: 4"
  • King Base: 1.625
  • King Weight: 3.2 oz.
  • Chess Set Weight: 52 oz.
  • 2 spare queens are included for pawn promotion
  • Green Baize Pads

Chess Board:

  • Material: Walnut & Maple Veneer over Wood Composites
  • Finish: Satin Polyurethane
  • Triple Inlay Delimiter Around Squares
  • Square Size: 2.125"
  • Overall Dimensions: 21.5" x .5" Thick
  • Made for The Chess Store by Rechapados Ferrer in Spain


1 Review

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    Perfect for me

    Posted by Jovencio de la Paz on 17th Nov 2020

    I love this set. It has made my study such a pleasure while in lockdown. To be honest I bought this set after watching The Queen's Gambit on Netflix. I played avidly as a child and at the Myopic chess club in Chicago in college. I was inspired to invest in a special set after watching the show, thinking "what if I am also a genius?" Turns out I am just a guy with a Netflix account.

    The set is really a work of art; it is well balanced aesthetically and not ostentatiously weighted. It is a beautiful item to have out, and my chess friends, who I fail again and again at impressing with my game, are at least impressed with the gorgeous set and at least have new reason to play a game with me, if only to enjoy the scrumptious ebony and boxwood pieces here. As far as details are concerned, this is one of my favorite interpretations of the Staunton Knight, most like the 1853 Paulsen knight, just with more hair and extra teeth.

    Thank you for your great work, and it is a pleasure to support a business from a fellow Oregonian!