Brass & Blue Chess Board - 1.375" Squares

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Brand: Manopoulos

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MUST READ - These are imperfect boards with a variety of imperfections/damages that varies from board to board. If you would like pictures of the specific board you are purchasing please email

This beautiful chess board from Manopoulos is made from brass with a rich multi-color blue enamel carefully applied for the dark squares and around the frame. Brass feet on the four corners raises the board giving it an elegant look. The chess board is sealed in lacquer for an attractive luster and to protect the brass from tarnishing. This chess board is the perfect choice for Manopoulos brass chess sets or any chess set including the Italfama line of brass chess sets.

  • Material: Solid Brass & Brass Over Wood
  • Finish: Lacquer
  • Square Size: 1.375" (actual 36mm)
  • Overall Dimensions: 15" x 15" x 1.5" Tall

What is an imperfect product?

An imperfect product has imperfections, defects, or damage that is noticeably visible and beyond what is normally expected of a brand new product. The product is still perfectly functional and with the discounted price, a terrific value while still looking very nice.

This chess board has the following defects:

  • Minor Imperfections (Email for pictures)

What is the value of this chess board?

This chess board normally retails for $159.99.

NOTE: Because this chess board is being sold as imperfect item and significantly discounted, all sales are final. No refunds, returns or exchanges are allowed.