Zagreb Series Chess Set with Padauk & Boxwood Pieces - 3.87" King

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Our Zagreb Series chess set has been a mainstay in our collection for decades. This design became prominent in the 1950’s when it was first used in the World Championship Candidates Match held in Zagreb in 1959. This is a large set ideally suited for tournament play with a 3.875” tall king and a base diameter of 1.625”. Pieces are made from padauk and natural and are heavily weighted for exceptional stability on the chess board. Thick green baize pads on the bottom create a soft cushion and allow the pieces to slide smoothly across the chess board. The uniquely shaped knight with its arched neck and turned down head is what distinguishes this chess set from others. As is often found on eastern European sets, the king, queen, and bishop finials are made in the opposite color of the main body. We include two extra queens for pawn promotion and a certificate of authenticity so you will always know what the chess set is, what the wood is, where it came from, and when it was made.

Chess Set Specifications & Features:

  • Includes 34 Pieces with 2 Extra Queens for Pawn Promotion (Does Not Include Chess Board)
  • Wood: African Padauk & Boxwood
  • Finish: Traditional Polished Lacquer
  • King Height: 3.875"
  • King Base: 1.625"
  • King Weight: 3 Ounces
  • Chess Set Weight: 56 Ounces
  • Green Baize Pads
  • Recommended Chess Board Size: 2.125" - 2.25" Squares

2 Reviews

  • 5
    Very high quality set

    Posted by Mark Yanofsky on 29th Dec 2020

    I wanted to get a replacement for a lesser set,of this exact type.which I'd bought from a different vendor.I thought hard about whether this was a good idea,since I'd never bought a set from The Chess Store....Long story short,I was shocked at how amazingly good the carving,wood quality,finishing and polishing that this set has.....The woods used are a cut above what one gets from many lesser vendors and the overall aesthetic is spectacular......The Padauk wood looks exactly like a rich,dark Rosewood and I could not be happier.....If you want a penultimate version of this particular set of pieces,you cannot go wrong here.Worth the cost!

  • 5
    Excellent quality:

    Posted by Robert Briley on 29th Jan 2019

    I have a paduak board and this set looks great. It has good weight and heft in the hand. I like a knight that is elegant but not overly ornate. I appreciate the history of this design. One caution: paduak has the reputation of darkening in UV light so I suggest you either keep these in a box or if on display then in a room with no UV light exposure.