Renaissance Theme Metal Chess Set with Blue Ash Burl Chess Board


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This beautiful European chess set combines Italfama's Renaissance metal chess pieces from Italy with Rechapados Ferrer's Blue Ash Burl and Whitened Bird's Eye Maple chess board from Spain. The pieces are wonderfully sculpted with amazing detail depicting the royal characters of the Renaissance period including the king, queen, and bishop. The knight is a rearing horse in full barding, a castle tower the rook, and the foot soldier with shield the pawn. This is a very large chess set with a 5 inch tall king and pieces that are impressively heavy made of cast zinc using the old-world lost wax casting process. Pieces are brass and nickel plated and then lacquered so that they never tarnish.

Handcrafted by the highly skilled craftsmen at Rechapados Ferrer, this stunning chess board is made from blue stained ash burl and whitened bird's-eye maple veneer. The quality of the inlay work is astounding. The glass-like finish of the chess board enhances the colors and depth of the irregular blue ash burl while reflecting the gold and silver color pieces creating a stunning display. Whether you are a collector or simply looking for one special chess set for your home, the Renaissance is an excellent choice that will be treasured forever.

Chess Set: 
  • King Height: 5.5"
  • King Base: 1.5" 
  • Material: Brass & Nickel Plated Cast Zinc
  • Chess Set Weight: 12 lbs.
  • Felt Pads
  • Comes packaged in Italfama green and gold fancy cardboard box
  • Made in Italy
Chess Board:
  • Material: Blue Stained Ash Burl & Whitened Bird's-Eye Maple Veneers and Other Wood Material
  • Finish: High Gloss Polyurethane (glass-like finish)
  • Square Size: 2.375"
  • Width of Border: 2.375"
  • Dimensions: 23.5" x 23.5" x .5"
  • Made in Spain