The Political Chess Set


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This unique and rare chess set was a sample we purchased back in 2005 and has been safely stored away ever since. This chess set was made in 2005 and there were only 360 of these chess sets ever made. We believe this is the only one is currently available for sale in the world today based on a recent search. It comes with a Certificate of Authenticity showing this was 303 of the 360 made.

This chess depicts President George W. Bush as the king facing off against Vladimir Putin, and a gang of trouble makers from around the world. These pieces are cast from fine porcelain and are designed in caricature. They are colorfully hand painted with a glossy glazed finish. The crowns on the kings and queen are painted with real gold. This chess set includes a chess board with storage underneath. These are very large pieces with the king and queen standing 5 inches tall. The pieces have a base diameter of 1.75 inches and have felt pads on the bottom. Here are the cast of players:

  • White King: George W. Bush Queen: Condoleezza Rice Bishop: Tony Blair Knight: Jacques Chirac Rook: Kofi Annan Pawn: Ariel Sharon
  • Black King: Vladimir Putin Queen: Benazir Bhutto Bishop: Kim-Jong II Knight: Silvio Berlusconi Rook: Gerhard Schršder Pawn: Yasser Arafat

This is not a chess set we would recommend for playing a game of chess. The chess board that comes with these pieces is too small and we would recommend a much larger chess board with 2.5" squares to display this set.

The fine porcelain pieces are perfect but there are a few imperfections on the chess case. The mitered corner has a slight separation and a blemish from being bumped, possibly during shipping.

Whether you are a collector of fine chess sets or have a particular interest for the political characters this chess set depicts, this is a rare opportunity to own this elegant show piece!