Super-Carry Plastic Chess Sets

Our Super-Carry chess sets include either our Zukert or Professinoal Plastic Chess Pieces, Floppy Chess Board, Jumbo Chess Bag, and Scorebook. The Zukert and Professional are both large and heavy sets weighing in at 4 pounds. Our Jumbo Chess Bag is the perfect bag for these large pieces. It measures 23" long, 14" wide, and 3" deep and will hold just about anything you want to haul or store. Made from heavy-duty, high quality canvas, inside you will find 3 large pouches large enough to hold all of the Professional pieces in just one with two to spare. The other two pockets you can use to store away another set or a chess clock or two. The bag is large enough to hold the floppy board folded in half plus there are two elastic straps for securing a rollup board if you want to keep a backup. The floppy board is made from mouse pad material and has more "grip" so it won't slide around even when playing blitz and it will lay perfectly flat even when it's been rolled up for folded for long periods of time - it has no memory. These packages also include a scorebook for recording your games. An outstanding chess set package for the serious player whether used at home or carried to wherever the chess game is.