Roman's Lab: Learning Openings the Easy Way, Traps & Novelties


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Lessons 1-5
1. Learn Openings the Easy Way: Guide to worry-free openings, based on understanding rather than a memory contest.
2. Avoiding and Creating Opening Traps: The secrets to avoiding and creating opening traps without damaging your position.
3. Dangers and Advantages of Choosing Sharp Openings: Tactics you can't live without in sharp modern openings.
4. Punishment for Delaying Development in the Opening: Punishment meted out for typical materialists at the expense of development.
5. Creating Opening Novelties: Important updates on a number of novelties introduced in previous Roman Forum lessons.

In Lessons 1-5 Roman covers openings for: Caro Kann Defense, Ruy Lopez, Benko Gambit, Tarrasch Defense, Sicilian Defense, Accelerated Dragon, Queen's Gambit Declined, English Defense, Scotch Gambit, Nimzo Indian Defense, English Defense, and more!

GrandMaster Roman Dzinzichashvili:
-Former two time US Champion & Russian Champion
-World Open Winner, Writer & Teacher
-Former Chess Coach & Trainer for World Champions Gary Kasparov & Anatoly Karpov

Roman guides you through concepts and strategies made famous by the Russian Schools of Chess

You will improve your rating and retain 70% more than reading a book and find it more enjoyable!

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