Imperial Staunton Chess Set in Red Sandalwood & Boxwood - 6" King


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From our vault where it has been stored for over ten years, we are offering for sale an extremely rare and very unique chess set - the Imperial Staunton in red sandalwood and boxwood. We are offering only one of several of these sets left in our vault. This special chess set is a must for any collector that does not have one already. This is the largest Staunton chess set we have ever sold. The king stands a full 6 inches tall and has a base of 2.25". We have been holding on to these master pieces for years allowing the natural patina process of the red sandalwood to darken into the rich burgundy color that red sandalwood is known for - much like the aging of fine red wine. Red sandalwood can no longer be imported into the United States which makes this chess set a rarity and a one-time opportunity for the discerning collector. The pieces are handcrafted with amazing precision and the intricate hand carving of the knights is extraordinary.

  • Red Sandalwood & Boxwood
  • Pieces individually hand polished with solid lacquer and buffing wheel
  • King Height: 6"
  • King Base: 2.25"
  • King Weight: 4.2 oz.
  • Chess Set Weight: 88 oz.
  • Green Baize Cloth Pads
  • Recommended Chess Board Size: 2.375" - 2.5" Squares (chessboard is not included)
  • Note: This set does not include extra queens
 Piece  Height  Base Diameter Weight (Ounces) 
 King  6"  2.625"  11
 Queen  5"  2.5"  9
 Bishop  4.625"  2.25"  8
 Knight  4.125"  2.125  8
 Rook  3.75"  2.25  11
 Pawn  3.25"  1.9  5