English Upright Antique Reproduction Chess Set Golden Rosewood & Boxwood Pieces


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This antique reproduction originates from the upright chess set patterns being made in the mid-eighteen hundreds in England. There were many variations of the upright pattern produced over the course of fifty years with each one having its own unique characteristic. This pattern features an elegant pedestal that tapers upward to the collar. The knight has an attractive shape common of the upright patterns but is not overly detailed and fragile. This set is made from golden rosewood and boxwood and the pieces are hand polished on a buffing wheel like they would have been finished over a hundred years ago. The king is 4.1" tall and has a base diameter of 1.7". Pieces are weighted for superior balance and stability on the chess board and have thick green baize pads. Though not a true Staunton design, this is an exceptional chess set for a serious chess game with large and heavy Staunton-like pieces. This unique antique reproduction will add interest and visual enjoyment to every game you play. 

  • Material: Golden Rosewood & Boxwood 
  • King Height: 4.1"
  • King Base: 1.625"
  • King Weight: 2 oz.
  • Chess Set Weight: 40 oz.
  • Green Baize Cloth Pads
  • Recommended Chess Board Size: 2.125" - 2.25" Squares (chessboard is not included)