Crowned Domed Decorative Bone Chess Pieces - Black & Natural


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This unique and and elegant bone chess set comes from the craftsmen of Amritsar India . This is a decorative Staunton design with intricate detail is beautifully displayed on the red pieces where the red stain is cut away leaving the white bone exposed underneath. This chess set like this takes over a week to carve by hand. The king is 3.75" tall and for such a decorative chess set it still can be used for a serious game of chess.

Bone has replaced ivory for these type of decorative hand carved chess sets and the characteristic of bone is very similar. The white pieces polish to a beautiful luster that looks almost like ivory.

Note: These are hand carved chess pieces from solid bone with each piece made up of several different pieces of bone that are glued together. There are natural variations in the bone and the hand carved pattern that is carved by the artist. These chess sets are truly a piece of art and highly collectible and sought after because of the very limited number of these chess sets produced each year.